DocuWare Careers

Always growing a winning team

We believe that a combination of collaboration and independent decision-making is a better success driver than a rigid framework. You can make a difference here. DocuWare is always growing — and not just in yearly revenue.

Whether it’s your first job or you’re an experienced professional, we offer exciting challenges and opportunities that bring out individual strengths and empower employees to learn and progress every day. An effective team needs the right players with the right skills in every position. We hope you join us and become one of them.


Our sales team is made up of dynamic and highly-motivated people. We don’t just sell software — we bring an in-depth understanding of our customers’ business processes and challenges to the table and offer them compelling, targeted solutions.

Regional Sales Directors (RSDs) manage the channel partners who resell DocuWare. Our partners represent many of the leading hardware sales and IT services companies in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa.  The RSDs support our partners by introducing them to new consultative selling strategies and providing a point of contact for improving their product knowledge. Inside Sales Managers focus on selling preconfigured solutions for specific business cases. Our sales team drives our business and has the most direct contact with partners and customers.

With sales savvy, business and technology consulting expertise — and above all passion — the DocuWare Sales Team more than doubled its revenue with DocuWare Cloud to 112% in the first six months of the current fiscal year, once again underscoring its leading global position in delivering cloud solutions for medium-sized businesses.

Professional Services

Our Professional Services (PS) consultants are all-round technology and business process experts. PS comes into play when a sale closes and a customer needs assistance installing or customizing our solutions. They are implementation consultants who perform process analyses, configure DocuWare and adapt the system to the customer's needs, and train users. The PS team’s input on real-world customer issues reaches every department in the company and influences product development decisions.

Software Support

The DocuWare software support team supports our national and international customers in all matters relating to the installation, configuration and use of DocuWare solutions. If you have experience in customer and IT support and, above all, are a technology enthusiast, you’re a great fit for the software support group.

Product Management

Our product management team is all about improving the user experience and introducing cutting-edge features that set DocuWare apart from the competition. The team focuses on creating an outstanding, intuitive and satisfying user experience. It consists of the product manager, user interface designers, and usability managers. They set the direction for further product development by keeping up with new trends, piloting cool features and researching the competitive landscape.


A strong brand identity underlies the success of our sales efforts. Whether it's direct customer contact or cross-media campaigns supported by our partners, DocuWare is always clearly positioned to win.

Marketing team roles encompass product marketing, partner marketing, corporate communications, lead generation, social media and event planning. We implement our marketing strategy with advanced marketing automation tools and track their effectiveness with continuous data analysis and benchmarking.

Marketing team members are brand ambassadors. They monitor the success of marketing campaigns, track the visibility of our corporate presence and make sure that messaging is aligned with DocuWare’s mission, values and business goals. We’re looking for technology marketers who know their stuff and want to be part of a future-focused, innovative team.


If IT isn't running, nothing's running. Our company is in the business of enabling customers to achieve digital transformation. Since office automation is our bread and butter, our internal business processes and associated IT services must be best-in-class. Our IT Operations team ensures that we can all work smoothly with the latest hardware and software. And should something go wrong, our colleagues at the IT helpdesk are on the spot immediately.

Software Development

If SCRUM, agile software development, clean code and test-driven development are part of your daily vocabulary, you will feel at home immediately on the DocuWare development team. With a focus on an excellent user experience, our developers ensure our solutions are always up-to-date. We suspect that increases in their coffee consumption accelerates our business growth.

Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Team puts new developments and existing features through their paces with the latest methods and tools such as Visual Studio and TFS. Integrated into SCRUM teams, our software testers — sometimes called "ghost-busters for bugs" — ensure that there are no software defects when the product is released. Quality, customer satisfaction and user excitement are always our priority. Quality Assurance work is well suited to IT professionals who enjoy problem-solving and IT-centric detective work.


Our Finance team keeps an eye on the bottom line, ensures profitability and supports other divisions in the planning and execution of their projects. Their role goes far beyond that of a stereotypical “bean counter.” Every department calls upon their expertise to aid in decision making and develop winning marketing and sales strategies without busting the budget.


By participating in DocuWare’s paid internship program, college students apply what they’ve learned in their coursework, network with knowledgeable professionals and gain practical experience that prepares them for workplace success. Interns also build confidence in their ability to meet personal and business goals. To find out more, take a quick look at what DocuWare interns have to say about the program. 

Internships are available in software development, information technology, software support, marketing and finance. Contact us at to learn more.